Why use the MAPP for your substance use assessments?


The MAPP IS...


Substance abuse disorders exist along a continuum of severity. The MAPP utilizes questions which span a wide range of potential problem areas and can be used to identify ANY substance use disorder involving ANY common drug of abuse at ANY point along the continuum of severity.

The MAPP contains 56 questions from four areas typically associated with substance use disorders. The repeated appearance of any one of these characteristics listed below may indicate a significant problem, but all characteristics are usually present in the more serious disorders:

  1. Any psychological dependence upon the effects of a substance;
  2. Any symptoms of withdrawal;
  3. Any abusive, secretive, or irresponsible substance use under circumstances that are not medically or socially acceptable;
  4. Any instance where the effects of a substance significantly alter or interfere with one's ability to function.

The MAPP also utilizes 42 additional questions to identify the possibility of personal adjustment problems or psychological disorders which must always be investigated fully in order to provide a comprehensive assessment. These questions span a wide variety of frustration, interpersonal, and self-image problems along a continuum of severity.

To identify deception and/or manipulation, the MAPP utilizes Inconsistency and Defensiveness Scales and the Minimizing Response Pattern. The MAPP also provides a graphic profile of the client's problems which is easily understood since the results are graphed in comparison to nationally established norms and are presented in terms of percentiles rather than labels or diagnostic classifications. The design of the MAPP also allows the clinician to identify nine patterns of deceptive answering and to complete a visual item-analysis of every answer in less than two minutes.

The MAPP also incorporates a unique Referral Guide that helps determine appropriate types and levels of care.

The 98-question MAPP is completed in less than thirty minutes and can be administered either singly or in group settings. It has a discriminant validity and test-retest reliability that is unsurpassed by any other similar instrument.

The MAPP is a well-known, well-respected, and highly reliable test instrument that has been used with hundreds of thousands of adults and juveniles within various settings for over twenty years.

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