About the MAPP

Determining single, dual, and multiple diagnoses and then selecting appropriate types and levels of care for those with substance use and emotional problems can be very challenging. The following examples of possible symptom combinations illustrate why the diagnosis of multiple disorders can be difficult and why most individuals with the same diagnosis rarely respond equally well to any one type or level of care:

The MAPP (Multidimensional Addictions and Personality Profile) identifies and measures the symptoms of substance use disorders and other personal adjustment problems. The MAPP also incorporates a unique Referral Guide to help determine appropriate types and levels of care. The MAPP is a well-known, well-respected, and highly reliable test instrument that has been used with hundreds of thousands of adults and juveniles in various settings throughout North America.

The MAPP can be completed in less than thirty minutes, either individually or in a group setting. The 98-question MAPP has a combination of discriminant validity and test-retest reliability that is unsurpassed by any other similar instrument. The design of the MAPP also allows the counselor/clinician to identify nine patterns of deceptive answering and complete a visual item-analysis of every answer in less than two minutes! The MAPP is also available in a computerized format. In addition, the MAPP is available in Spanish and French. Telephone support or consultation is available to answer questions that you might have. Group training workshops are also available upon request.

Psychological Dependence Inconsistency
Interference Due to Use Defensiveness
Signs of Withdrawal Substance Abuse Problems—Minimizing Response Pattern
Abusive, Secretive, and Irresponsible Use Personal Adjustment Problems—Minimizing Response Pattern
Interpersonal Problems
Self-Image Problems
Frustration Problems

Sample MAPP Profile

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